A handmade newborn card. The base is brown kraft cardstock. There is a white overlay that says WELCOME tiny one. "Welcome" is in all caps, soft colors, with dimensional letters glue over it. "Tiny one" is in a modern lowercase font in gray. Beneath that is a green rounded rectangle with a yellow rounded rectangle glued on top of it.  It says "Jace Brayden" and underneath it says February 15th, 2021. (This can be personalized) There are multi colored balloons on either side of the rectangle.
A New Baby Greeting Card: The card is heavy duty brown kraft cardstock with a white overlay. On the white is the word "WELCOME" which is multi-colored with raised letters. Under that is "tiny one" in a modern sans font in gray. Under that is a green rounded rectangle. On that is glued a pink rounded rectangle with the words, "Brooklyn Grace" and "March 6th, 2021." (This is personalized as you wish.) There are multi colored balloons on the sides.
A Newborn Greeting Card: On the front it says "welcome tiny one." Under that is the part that is personalized. There is a green rounded rectangle, and you get your choice of color above that. You can pick yellow, pink or blue. This rectangle is blue and it says "Axel Kai, March 8th, 2021." The name and date is personalized to your choice.
The inside of a handmade kraft cardstock greeting card. It says "congratulations on your beautiful baby" in a modern, lower case sans font.
A close up of the word "Welcome." The green "W" is embossed with swirls. The orange "E" is embossed in squares. The purple "L" and the gray "C" are handcrafted paper.
A close up of the word "Welcome." The gray "C" is handcrafted paper. The yellow "O" is glitter paper. The pink "M" is embossed with swirls. The "E" is a blue and white print.
The back of a handmade brown kraft cardstock greeting card. There is a black stamped floral logo and the word "poppiwinkle." Underneath it is a handmade kraft paper envelope.
a handmade envelope made out of brown kraft paper. It has lickable food grade glue as a sealer.

New Baby Card - Personalized

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This adorable Welcome Baby Greeting Card can be personalized with the baby's first and middle name and the birthdate. You can also chose the background : pink, yellow, or blue. Email me the personalization at jodie@poppiwinkle.com.

See close ups of the word "WELCOME." It is dimensional.

All of my cards are my own design and are handmade. They come with a handmade kraft paper envelope with lickable food grade glue. The last photo is the back of the card.


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