Purple Rolodex Contact Card
Rolodex Contact Cards in orange, green, yellow, pink, purple and blue
White Rolodex Contact Card
Colorful Pastel Rolodex Contact Cards with a wrapper that says: because some things never go out of style.
Pretty Pastel Rolodex Cards in six colors in a Rolodex Holder
Colorful Pastel Rolodex Contact Cards in pink, yellow, blue, orange, purple, and green
White Rolodex Contact card with black text

Rolodex Contact Cards

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These Rolodex Cards fit a standard size Rolodex. They are approximately 4" x 2.25". They are made from 65# card stock. 

Rolodex Contact Cards come in a pack of 30. They are printed on the front and white on the back. They come wrapped as shown.

Note: The 6 Colors option is a pack of 5 purple, 5 blue, 5 green, 5 yellow, 5 orange, and 5 pink. If you want some other combination, let me know. I'm easy.

 All items ship in one to two days.

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