Rolodex Divider in a pretty succulent print
Rolodex Divider Refill in a bright pink with a flamingo on one side
Rolodex Divider in a vintage cabbage rose print in pink and cream and green
Purple Rolodex Divider with a Unicorn head  along the side. (Oh, and it has stars,too)
Rolodex Divider with a cat face and a cat print
Rolodex Dividers for cat lovers - 4 different kitty faces with a kitty print background
Rolodex divider in a beachy print. The print has coral, anchors, starfish and fish in watercolor shades of coral, green and blue on a white background.
Rolodex Divider in a floral  watercolor print in pink and yellow
Rolodex Divider in a colorful beige, red, blue, orange, brown print
Tribal print Rolodex Dividers in 5 patterns - all are red, blue, brown, orange beige
Floral Rolodex Divider in  pretty black, blue, gray, green and white print
A set of colorful Rolodex dividers in a teal holder with plants in the background. The Rolodex dividers are a celestial purple sky with a unicorn bust in the corner.
A pack of 27 Rolodex Divider cards in a wrapper that says' " Rolodex Divider Cards - Because some things never go out of style"
Aztec Pattern Rolodex Dividers in a pretty holder with plants in the background
Pink Floral Rolodex Dividers in a cute wrapper
Pink and white roses on a Rolodex Divider in  pretty holder with plants in the background
Peach, pink, yellow floral Rolodex dividers with a cute wrapper
A sturdy Rolodex divider in a pink, yellow, peach watercolor print with the letter "A" on it
Bright pink Rolodex dividers with a flamingo and one letter per card wrapped and sitting in a pretty Rolodex holder
Bright pink Rolodex dividers with a flamingo and one letter per card in  a pretty holder
Green, blue purple, and mint green Rolodex Dividers with a succulent plant print in a cute wrapper
Mint green Rolodex Dividers with a green, blue, and pink succulent print in a pretty holder with plants in the background
Two printed alphabet Rolodex dividers in a floral print. The A and B divider are in colors of mint, green, blue , pink and purple.
Pretty Floral Rolodex Dividers in blue and white.

Rolodex Dividers - 1 Letter per Divider

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Organize your office with these fun, colorful Rolodex dividers. They fit a standard size Rolodex (not 3" x 5" and not mini). They are 4.043" x 2.6". They are made from two layers of card stock for stability and strength.

1 Letter Dividers come in a pack of 27 (A - Z and #'s). They are printed on the front and white on the back. They come wrapped as shown.

Note: Kitty Dividers have 4 different alternating prints and Aztec Dividers have 5 different alternating prints as shown.

 All items ship in one to two days.

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