A colorful Rolodex Divider with an elephant and the words, 'even an elephant couldn't memorize this shit".
Pretty blue Rolodex divider with a colorful elephant and the letters A, B.
A sturdy Rolodex divider in a tan, red, blue and yellow print of a vintage map.
A sturdy Rolodex Divider (A,B) in a pretty pink and coral and yellow floral print.
A handmade Rolodex divider (A, B) in a tan, teal, gold, red and black tribal print.
Five colorful Rolodex dividers in coordinating, yet different, tribal prints.  The cards are AB, CD, EF, GH, and IJ.
Colorful Rolodex Dividers Floral
Colorful Rolodex Dividers Hand Made
Pretty Rolodex Dividers Alphabet
Colorful Rolodex Dividers Elephant
Printed Rolodex Dividers Floral
Pretty Watercolor Rolodex Dividers
Colorful Floral Rolodex Dividers in holder
Pretty Rolodex Dividers Vintage Map
Pretty Rolodex Dividers Sturdy

Rolodex Dividers - 2 Letters per Divider

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These Rolodex Dividers fit a standard size Rolodex (not mini and not 3" x 5"). They are 4.043" by 2.6". They are made from two layers of card stock for stability and strength.

2 Letter Dividers come in a pack of 13 (AB - XYZ and #'s). They are printed on the front and white on the back. They come wrapped as shown.

Note: Aztec Dividers have 5 different alternating prints as shown. The Elephant Dividers have writing on the first divider as shown. If you don't want the writing, just let me know.

 All items ship in one to two days.

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