Monthly Rolodex Divider with yellow and white swirls pattern
January Rolodex Divider in A Yellow Print with White Swirls
floral print monthly Rolodex dividers
Rolodex monthly Dividers in Blue Wave Print
Rolodex Monthly Dividers in Floral Print
January Monthly Divider in a pale green print with white swirlst
Monthly Rolodex Divider in a blue and yellow print
January Rolodex Divider in a pink and white print
Rolodex Divider in orange with white puffballs
Blue printed Monthly Rolodex Divider
January Monthly Rolodex Divider in tan and white print
Floral Month Rolodex Dividers in a holder
Pretty Floral Monthly Rolodex Dividers in a vintage shabby rose print. They are in a Rolodex holder with plants in the background.
Rolodex Dividers in a blue wave print with a wrapper
Colorful Rolodex Dividers and cards in a holder
Monthly Rolodex cards in a pretty print in a holder
Pretty office organization wrapped Rolodex cards

Rolodex Dividers - Months

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These Rolodex Dividers fit a standard size Rolodex (not 3" x 5" and not mini). They are approximately 4" x 2.25". They are made from two layers of card stock for stability and strength.

Month Dividers come in a pack of 13 (January - December and a blank). They are printed on the front and white on the back. They come wrapped as shown.

 All items ship in one to two days.

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