Pretty colored Rolodex dividers in many pastel patterns.  Each divider has a lower case letter from a to i.
A colorful Rolodex filled with pastel colored Rolodex cards and dividers.  The Rolodex is shown from the side and is next to a succulent plant.
Rolodex Dividers - Multi Pattern
Pretty Rolodex Dividers in many colorful patterns.
Rolodex Dividers - Multi Pattern
Pretty Rolodex Dividers in 9 different patterns. The alphabetized Rolodex dividers come in a floral print, blue with dots, orange puffs, yellow swirls, pink and white, blue wave, tan and white, green and white and blue with yellow swirls.
Rolodex Dividers - Multi Pattern
Rolodex Dividers - Multi Pattern
Rolodex Dividers - Multi Pattern
Rolodex Dividers - Multi Pattern

Rolodex Dividers - Multi Pattern

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Ships in 1 -2 days. This is a set of Alphabetized Rolodex Dividers in 9 different repeating patterns. They come in a set of 27 (A - Z and #'s) all wrapped in a cute wrapper. The only difference is the order of the patterns. The variations refer to the first 2 dividers (A,B).

They fit the regular business card sized Rolodex card holders. They are 4.043" x 2.6" and are printed on card stock and then glued to a white cardstock backing for extra stability. Then they are machine cut for uniformity. The letters are penned in by machine.

Ships in 1 -2 days.

Customer Reviews:

  • The cutest rolodex cards out there! So worth it, thank you so much for such a great product!! ❤️ - Kylie H. - October 24, 2002
  • Perfect!! Just what I was looking for. - Natalee B. - April 20, 2021
  • I absolutely love 💕 these beautifully made Rolodex cards. Definitely ordering again. Customer service and delivery was superb! Thank you 😊 - Erika G. - February 10, 2021
  • These rolodex dividers are the most stylish things in my office right now! Such a pleasure to work with Jodie and the product arrived promptly in the most adorable packaging. Couldn’t be more pleased! - Carolyn H. - November11, 2020
  • I bought several items from P and couldn't be happier. Good quality paper so my antique Rolodex will live on and on. -  J. V. - October 6, 2020


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