Rolodex Password card in a pretty floral succulent print in blue, green and pink. There are spaces to write email, user name, and password.
Rotary Refill Password Card in Aztec Print: The Rolodex card has a tan center with the words "email," "user name," and "password" followed by lines. There are also lines on the top and bottom to write the website, software, etc. and any additional information. The border is a colorful tribal print in red, orange, teal, tan and brown. The card is shown on a blue background with the word "Aztec" above it.
Password Organizer Rolodex Cards in 6 pretty pastel colors ; orange, pink, green, purple, yellow, blue
Rolodex cards with lines for the site/software, email address, user name, password, and other lines- in a pretty floral watercolor print
Password log Rolodex cards in a kitty pattern with a pale blue center
Password Rolodex cards in a vintage US map print
Password Rolodex cards in a pale blue with a royal blue border
Rolodex card in a pretty vintage rose print in pink, beige, and green. There are places to write your email, user name, and password.
A white password Rolodex card with black writing. There are lines and places to write email, user name, and password
Pretty floral Rolodex Password Cards in a holder with plants in the background.
Cat password Rolodex cards in a wrapper that says "because some things never go out of style
Pretty Rolodex cards in a wrapper that says "Password Rolodex Cards - because some things never go out of style"
Two toned blue password Rolodex cards in a wrapper that says "Password Rolodex Cards - Because some things never go out of style."
Two toned blue password Rolodex Cards in a cute white wrapper with black letters
Two toned blue password Rolodex cards in a holder

Rolodex Password Cards

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These pretty Password Rolodex Cards fit a standard size Rolodex. They are approximately 4" x 2.25". They are made from 65# card stock. 

Rolodex Password Cards come in a pack of 30. They are printed in a variety of cute styles on the front and are white on the back. They come wrapped as shown.

Have you ever gotten locked out of a website because you couldn't remember your password, or worse, you couldn't even remember what email you used to sign up with? These Rolodex password keepers will end that frustration forever. Just fill one out each time you sign on to a new site, and the information will be at your fingertips. If a card gets too messy with repeated password changes, just rip it up and start a new one.

Ships in 1 -2 days.

Customer Reviews:

  • The cutest rolodex cards out there! So worth it, thank you so much for such a great product!! ❤️ - Kylie H. - October 24, 2002
  • LaLa Love em....Just what I needed ...Thanks Bunches and Cheers!! - Terrilee W. - October 3, 2021
  • It's funny that Rolodex is needed more than ever in a digital age world, and whoever remembers their password, such a smart idea, and I love the layout. - Dave L. - May 6, 2021
  • It was SO hard to decide, working with the seller was so helpful. She actually helped me start to get organized in our exchanges back and forth!! haha.. They arrived beautifully packaged to Alaska (quicker than expected). After the holidays, I will be getting more for gifts. If you have to have a rolodex, you might as well smile! Thank you!!! - Ginger S. - December 8, 2020
  • This is my second order and I love the cards. I love the sweet note and beautiful packaging too! Orders are packed with care and always arrive promptly! Thank you sweet Jodie!!! - Connie V. - November 1, 2020


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