Petty pale orange Rolodex card
heavy brown kraft paper Rolodex card
a white Rolodex card on a blue background with the word "white"
Shabby Chic colored Rolodex cards in 4 pretty colors: pink, green, purple and yellow
Pretty pastel Rolodex cards in 4 colors: green, pink, orange and blue
Rolodex Plain Cards
Kraft Rolodex cards in a wrapper that says "Because some things never go out of style."
Shabby chic Rolodex cards in a wrapper that says "Because some things never go out of style."
A fanned display of shabby chic Rolodex cards in pastel blue, green, pink, and purple
Pastel Rolodex cards in a wrapper that says "because some things never go out of style"
A bundle of colorful pastel Rolodex cards shown from the side, showing the layers of orange, green, pink and blue cards
A kraft cardstock Rolodex card on a desk next to a succulent plant
a single brown kraft cardstock Rolodex card against a white background
White Rolodex cards in a black Rolodex holder
A Rolodex with pretty handmade Rolodex cards and dividers. Underneath is a sign that says "Office supplies should be fun!"
A close up picture of a Rolodex with colored Rolodex cards and dividers.

Rolodex Plain Cards

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These pretty Rolodex Cards fit a standard size Rolodex. They are approximately 4" x 2.25". They are made from 65# card stock. 

Rolodex Plain Cards come in a pack of 27. They are the same color on the front and back. (Because of this they look especially good in a rotary/circular Rolodex.) They come wrapped as shown.

The Shabby 4 Color come in a pack of 7 pink, 7 purple, 7 blue and 7 green. The Pastel 4 Color come in a pack of 7 pink, 7 orange, 7 blue and 7 green. If you want all of one color or some other combination, just let me know. I'm easy.

Ships in 1 -2 days.

Customer Reviews:

  • Bought these for use in a library name card system. They are working very nicely for the intended use. - Franklin U. - September 23, 2021
  • Beautiful, thick cards shipped in record time. Can't wait to re-do my Rolodex at work. Definitely re-ordering from this seller. - Beth - January 22, 2021
  • Just what I needed! The Rolodex cards you get with the Rolodex these days are really thin paper. These cards are exactly what I needed! Arrived so fast and in cute packaging to boot! Highly recommend Jodie for your stylish office needs! - Carolyn - November 11, 2020


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