Mini Lined Rolodex Cards in 6 pastel colors: pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue, green. There is a quarter in the center to show size.
Mini Ruled Rolodex cards in 6 pastel colors: orange, pink, green, purple, yellow, blue. They are shown on a purple background with the words "6 Color."
Tiny Rolodex refill card. The card is colored pastel blue and has 7 lines for writing.
Tiny Lined Rolodex Cards in 6 pastel colors: pink, yellow, blue, orange, purple green. They are arranged in a fan and have a quarter for size comparison.
Tiny Lined Rolodex Cards in 6 pastel colors -a bundle of 30 wrapped in a wrapped that says" Because some things never go out of style". There is a quarter next to it for size comparison.
A white tiny Rolodex card next to a key and a brown Regular sized Rolodex card for size comparison

Mini Rolodex Lined Cards

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These Rolodex Cards fit the very rare Mini Rolodex. They are approximately 3.25" x 1.75". They are made from 65# card stock. 

Mini Rolodex Lined Cards come in a pack of 30. They are colored on the front and white on the back. They come wrapped as shown.

They are machine cut from 65 lb. colored card stock. The 6 Tiny Rolodex Lined Cards - Six Color Pastel come in a set of 5 orange, 5 green, 5 pink, 5 yellow, 5 purple and 5 blue. If you want all of one color or some other different combo, just let me know. I'm easy.

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