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Add Some Extra Fun to Your Journal With a Pop-Up

I have been having a blast with my nature journal. I am investigating all of the plants and creatures in my yard and documenting what I find out. I'm also adding some fun pop-up elements.

I will link to the YouTube videos I made of each mechanism. That  way, if you want to try it yourself, you have the instructions, You can always ask me any questions, too.

Sunflower with Butterfly Pop-Up Mechanism

This pretty sunflower spread has a secret. If you pull down the leaf . . .

Sunflower Spread in Junk Journal

a butterfly pops up from behind the sunflower.

Pop-Up Butterfly Mechanism

Here's a close up. There are two videos. The first shows how to make the dimensional sunflower and pages. The second shows how I did the pop-up. You can find the first video here: Sunflower With Butterfly Pop-Up Video

Close up of Butterfly Pop-Up

Hummingbird Pop-Up 

This hummingbird and flowers tableau pops up when you open the page.

Hummingbird Pop-Up SpreadHummingbird Page

Here's a close up. You can find the instructions here: Hummingbird Pop-Up Video


Hummingbird pop-up close

Monarch Pop-Up and Life Cycle Wheel

This pretty junk journal page has two interactive elements. The monarch pops up when you open the page AND there is circle of life wheel. 

Monarch Pop-Up and Circle of Life

The pop-up is the same mechanism as the hummingbird pop-up.Monarch Pop-Up

And the circle-of-life wheel shows the stages of development as you turn it.Circle of life wheel

You can find the monarch pop-up video here : Monarch Pop-Up Video

And you can find the circle of life video here: Circle of Life Video

Pop-Up Bird's Nest

This pretty page has a nest in a tree and some journaling cards that tell all about the nest I found.

Birds Nest Junk Journal Spread

It also has some hungry babies that pop up when I slide the mechanism up.Baby birds popping up

This is the simplest mechanism I've tried and would be a great one to start with. You could make anything you want pop up.Pop Up Birds nest with journaling cards

Nest With Pop-Up Birds

Here's a video of the pop-up birds nest mechanism: Pop-Up Bird's Nest Video

Let me know if you have any quesions!

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  • Jodie@poppiwinkle on

    Oh, I’m so glad to hear that, Judy! Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Judy on

    Thank you, this looks like what I have been trying to find to get me started.

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