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New Ideas For Making and Using Envelopes in Junk Journals

Handmade envelopes with title

Want some free envelope templates? Links are below. I've been experimenting with envelopes in my junk journals, and I've come up with some fun new ways to make them and use them. I also came up with some new ways to use those ubiquitous junk mail envelopes.

Make Envelopes

Horizontal Envelopes

Horizontal Envelope Template

This template makes adorable horizontal envelopes in two sizes: About 1 1/2" x 2 1/4" and 3" x 4 1/4". They look great made out of kraft paper, vellum, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, book pages, sheet music, magazine pages, anything!

folding horizontal envelope

All you do is cut out the shape and fold all edges in to create a rectangle. Then you put glue on the edges of the side tabs and fold up the bottom. This video has full instructions if you want to watch it: Envelope Video

Pretty envelopes made from old book pages.

I made these envelopes from old book pages.

Vertical Envelopes

Coin Envelope and template

This coin envelope is super fun to make and use. I have a free template for this envelope and the horizontal envelopes above here: Envelope Templates

Here is an article with full instructions on how to make it: How To Make a Coin Envelope

And here's a link to a kit that comes with everything you need: Coin Envelope Kit

Use Envelopes in Junk Journals

Envelope as pocket decoration

I used a small yellow envelope to decorate the blue striped pocket on this page. I decorated it with a sticker and used it as a pocket for ephemera and stickers.

Coin envelope as page topper

I decorated the yellow page above with a coin envelope that I made out of printed cardstock. All I did was put some nice writing paper in the envelope and then use a decorative paper clip to attach it to the top of the page.

Envelopes as page spread

This whole spread is full of envelopes! The two pockets on the left are stuffed with tiny envelopes (with writing paper). And the whole right side is covered with 6 tiny envelopes that I used as pockets for ephemera and stickers. So fun!

Using a tiny envelope as a tag topper

The tag in the pocket on the left is topped with a tiny blue envelope that is held on by a paper clip. It adds a decorative touch, and the writing paper in the envelope gives you a secret journaling spot.

 Use Up Those Junk Mail Envelopes!

Junk Mail Envelope Tag and Pocket

Tag made from junk mail

This pretty tag and pocket is made from a junk  mail envelope. (The envelope I used had a bigger window than the envelope I show above.)

Tag and pocket

I cut out the window, decorated it, and glued it to cardstock around 3 sides. Then I made a tag to slip into the pocket and show through the window.

Tag with a pocket

The tag also has a pocket, which I stuffed with writing paper as a secret journaling spot

Junk Mail Envelope Triple Pocket

.Junk mail envelope triple pockets

I trimmed the short edges of this envelope so the whole thing opened up. Then I decorated it with stamping and washi tape.

 Triple Junk Mail Pocket in Journal

I sealed the edges of the envelope flap with glue to make a short pocket along the bottom (It's edged with washi tape). Then I glued the envelope to the journal page along the bottom and sides, forming a top pocket between the page and the envelope. Since I cut the sides of the envelope open, they also serve as a third, side pocket. This video has full instructions if you want to see more: Envelope Video

Make a Pretty Pocket From a Junk Mail Envelope

Pocket made from junk mail envelope

I cut around the top and sides of a window envelope, leaving the back of the envelope attached. Then I glued a pretty picture onto the inside.

Use Wite Out to cover dark markings on junk mail

Then I flipped the flap up and sealed all edges to make a sturdy pocket front. I wanted to decorate it with washi tape, but the black markings on the envelope showed through. So I used Wite-Out to cover them before applying the washi tape.

Junk Mail Envelope Pocket in Journal

Then I applied glue to the sides and bottom and put my new pocket into my junk journal.

I hope you got some good ideas from this post. Let me know if you have any questions.


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