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Creative Ideas For Making the Most of Your Digital Papers

Two envelopes, a folio, and a tag made from a digital printable

I love using digital downloads in my junk journals, but I also want to stretch my creativity muscles. So I make a point to try to think out of the box and use the printables in creative ways. Here are a few tips for getting creative with digital papers.

Decorate Journaling Cards

Journaling Cards Decorated and Plain

These are two journaling cards. The first one of each set is just printed and then inked around the edges. The second one of each set is decorated. The collaging lets me put my own creativity into the card. It also makes the cards different enough that I would use them both in the same journal.

Turn a Page Spread Into a Master Board

Printable junk journal pages

When I see a page like this, I tend to think of it as two pages in a junk journal. That's it. I don't usually think about other ways to use it. But I figured out a way to use it for lot's more than that. I turned it into a master board which I can use for SO many things.

Step One

Manilla File Folder

Take an old manila file folder and cut one side of it to fit into your printer. Here in the US, that's 8.5" x 11".

Step Two

Two old book pages glued onto file folder

Glue two old book pages to the center of the file folder. I like to use book pages that aren't too busy - they have a lot of blank space showing. If you use rubber cement, it won't make the delicate old pages wrinkle.

Step Three

Book pages with digital printable

Then load your file folder/book pages into your printer and print on the book pages.

Step Four

Tag cut from masterboard

Use your master board to cut out tags, pockets, journaling cards, bookmarks, belly bands, etc.

Junk journal page with pockets and tags

Pocket with tags removed

This pocket and three tags are all made from the same master board. Super fast!

Use Templates to Create Things From Digital Papers

Things made from templates and printables

Another way to use digital papers in a unique way is to make your own items using them. I printed a few papers on cardstock. Then I started tracing all my templates onto them and cut them out. I made different kinds of envelopes, whale tail tabs, folios, library pockets, shapes, etc. These are a great way to get the style and colors of your printable throughout your journal - even on the plain pages.

Library pocket and tags on a junk journal page

Here's a video on the same subject if you want even more ways to get creative with your digital downloads. Video

I hope you have fun with these ideas. Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Jodie on

    Thanks so much, Judy, for the comment. I’m glad you got something out of it.

  • Judy on

    Thanks, looking for fake leather and you popped up. Good directions. Thank you

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