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My Favorite Things to Make for Junk Journals

A pile of postage stamps and numbers with the words: "My Favorite Little Things to Use in Junk Journals - Make Your Own!"

These little goodies are some of my favorite things to use in my junk journals. They are postage stamps, numbers, addresses and dates. This article will give you lots of ideas for ways to use them in your paper crafting projects. It will also show you how you can make your own.

A green and a blue collage. They both use a lot of small ephemera, like stamps and numbers


My favorite way to use ephemera smalls like postage stamps and numbers is in a collage. Whenever I get near the end of a collage project, I always see little blank spots that just need a little pop of something. Stamps and numbers to the rescue!A green collage using postage stamps and numbers.A pink collage using postage stamps and numbers.A blue collage using postage stamps and numbers.

Strip Collages

Similar to collages, but quicker and easier to do, strip collages are also a great way to use postage stamps and numbers. They are great to keep on hand for decorating tags and belly bands, little notebooks and journal pages.3 strip collages in green, orange and pink3 strip collages using postage stamps and numbers.A pink tag decorated with a strip collage.

Specimen Slides

Specimen slides always benefit from a colorful little number.Specimen slides with decorative numbers7 hand made "vintage" botanical specimen slides

Here's a link to a blog post about how to make these Specimen Slides: Specimen Slide Blog Post

A pink and kraft specimen slide with a decorative number.A yellow and kraft specimen slide with a decorative number.A tag decorated with a pink specimen slideA tag decorated with a teal specimen slide

Post Cards

And post cards always benefit from a postage stamp."Vintage" post cards with stamps

Clusters and Tickets

Clusters and tickets look great when you add decorative little numbers.

Tickets and tags using decorative numbers

Making Decorative Numbers and Postage Stamps

I have a printable with 4 pages of decorative numbers and postage stamps. There is a page of small numbers and a page of bigger numbers. There is also a page of smaller stamps and bigger stamps. You just print them and cut them out.Smaller numbers printableNumbers PrintableStamps printableSmaller Stamps Printable

Here's a link to the printable: Vintage Postage Stamps and Numbers Printable

And here's a link to a video with some great tips form using and making the ephemera using the printables. Video

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