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DIY Envelope with String Closure

A sturdy kraft envelope with a string closure

This is what we're making today: A sturdy kraft cardstock envelope with a string closure. The finished size is about 6.75 inches by 3.5 inches.

DIY envelope supplies

Each envelope kit comes with the base (pre-folded), two sturdy circular tags, two brads, 13 inches of twine, and instructions. Get the kit here: DIY Envelope Kit  They come in a pack of 2 or 10.

Envelope DIY kit - step one - mark where the tags will go.

STEP ONE: Fold the envelope and mark where you want the circular tags to go. (I lay the circles on the envelope to see where I like them & put a dot of ink through the center.)DIY Envelope Step 2 - poke holes through the marks

STEP TWO: Unfold the envelope and poke holes through the marks you just made.

DIY Envelope - Step 3 Insert brads to attach circular tags

 STEP THREE: Put the brads through the circles and then through the holes to attach the circular tags.DIY Envelope step 4 - put glue on the side fold

STEP FOUR: With the circles facing up, run a line of glue or double sided tape across the folded side tab.

DIY Envelope Step 5 - Glue the side of the envelope together

STEP FIVE: Pick up the envelope by the glued tab, fold the tab in, and fold the envelope closed, using the glue to seal the side of the envelope. (The fingers show where the glued tab is.)

DIY Envelope - Step 6 - glue the bottom tab and fold up to create the envelope.

STEP SIX: Glue or tape the bottom tab and fold it up seal the bottom of the envelope.DIY envelope - step 7 tie the string around the top brad.

STEP SEVEN: Tie one end of the string around the top brad (under the circle). Make several knots and then snip off the little extra piece of string, leaving one long string.

A handmade, decorated envelope with circular closures

You can decorate the envelope, if you want. (The digital papers I used to decorate the envelope are here:  Gingham and Gardens Printable Then fill it and seal it by wrapping the string in a figure 8 once or twice. Have fun!

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