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Why Would Anyone Use a Rolodex - Part 4

A colorful rotary Rolodex, viewed from the side

The internet has some inspirational ways in which people use their Rolodex.

 LOTS of people use a Rolodex as a desktop scrapbook. And I mean LOTS. There's a whole movement out there. I would put Bible journaling in the scrapbook category, too. Also HUGE!  If you don't believe me - just jump on Pinterest and search "Rolodex". Rolodex used as a scrapbook. Bible journal


Kristy Dalman at Some Odd Girl uses her Rolodex to store her hundreds of rubber stamps. This is totally brilliant. Need a flower stamp? Turn to F.Rolodex used to organize rubber stamps suggests using a Rolodex to list all the various stamping techniques you use.

Rolodex to keep track of stamping techniques. uses her Rolodex to keep tack of all of her crafting inspiration. If you are at all interested, you should check it out. She even has a video of her making her Rolodex cards.

Rolodex used as crafting inspiration

What creative uses have you seen for a Rolodex? I'd love to hear!

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