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Junk journal tabs

I did a deep dive with tabs recently and experimented with making and using all kinds of tabs in my junk journals. In my mind, I separate them into functional and decorative tabs.

Functional Tabs

Functional label tabs

These tabs in my ephemera storage journal are functional because they let me know where my various colors of ephemera are.

Hidden card tab

The vellum tab on the side of the page can be either functional or decorative, depending on what label you slide into it. And the pink tab on the side of the belly band is functional because it lets you know there's a journaling card inside of the belly band.

Journaling card with tab

top tab

This tab on the top of the page is also functional because it lets you know there is a fold out page attached.

Journal page fold out

And the tabs on the side of the page work as hinges for the fold out page.

Tabs used as hinges

Decorative Tabs

decorative tabs

This picture has a decorative tab on the top of a tag as well as decorative tabs on the side of the page. The round tab is just 2 circles glued to 2 rectangles. The top tab on the side of the page is a bit of collage attached to a paper clip, so it is removable.

circle tab

This tab is just two circles: one glued to the front of a tag and

circle tab

one glued to the back.

tag tab

Here's a tab as a tag topper.

decorative tabs

I hope this post gave you some good ideas. Here's a link to a video if you are interested:  Junk Journaling Tabs Video


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