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Junk Journaling Dangles 101

Junk journal charms using a key tag

This is a newbie's (me) guide to making beautiful jewelry for your junk journal with limited skills and limited supplies. I committed a full week to figuring out how to make dangles and charms with only what I had on hand.

Other than the usual junk journaling supplies, I had some old jewelry that I took apart, and I had a supply of jump rings. They are a  jewelry "finding" which is what they call the metal pieces that hold everything together.

I'll tell you how I used them as we go.

Junk journal charm using a key tag

junk journal necklace

This junk journal necklace was made from a key tag. (see the first picture). I took out the big ring, covered both sides with circles decorated with stickers, put Glossy Accents on them, and put a jump ring through it. Here's a link to Glossy Accents if you don't have it.  Glossy Accents  It goes on like glue but dries hard and shiny and makes things look like expensive jewelry. And here's a link to a video that shows just how I made everything in this post:  YouTube Video

Key tag charm

Here's another charm I made the same way. I used a safety pin to attach it to a cover tie. The ring on the top is a "jump ring" It is a jewelry "finding" and comes in different sizes.

How to open a jump ring

A jump ring has a split where you can pull it apart. You take two pair of pliers, one on each side of the ring, and you twist to open it. This same video has a demonstration: YouTube Video

Cardstock charms

These three charms are all made of four layers of cardstock.

  • For the pink teapot, I covered it with a light layer of glue and sprinkled it with glitter. When it was dry, I covered it in Glossy Accents. Then I added a bulb pin. 
  • For the stamp, I printed two images of the stamp (front and back) and sandwiched two layers of cardstock in between. Then I inked the edges and added a hole with an awl. I inserted a jump ring and added a safety pin.
  • For the green charm, I made it just like the stamp, but I put holes at the top and the bottom. Then I covered it in Glossy Accents (one side at a time). When that was dry, I added some pieces of an old necklace.

Embroidery Floss Tassle

I made this tassel out of embroidery floss and a piece of old jewelry.

Paper clip Dangle

This is a paperclip (showing at the top and bottom of the paper) made from collaged kraft paper. I wrapped it around the paperclip and glued it. Then I attached jump rings, jewelry, and a safety pin.

Paperclip Charms

These charms are made from bits of jewelry attached to paperclips.

Here's a video that fully explains how I made most of the charms.  YouTube Video   I hope you found something new and fun to try. 


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