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How To Make Authentic Looking Tickets For Your Journal.

Hand made tickets

I had a moment of inspiration recently and thought about this:

Tracing wheel used for authentic tickets

That's a tracing wheel from my sewing kit, and it's used to transfer pattern markings onto fabric. I wondered if I could use it to perforate tickets I wanted to make for my junk journal.

Then, I thought about this:

drywall tape used for junk journal tickets

That's drywall tape from my husband's workbench. I realized it was the weight and feel and stiffness of a ticket. So I grabbed my tracing wheel and some drywall tape and it works!

DIY tickets for junk journals

I made all of these tickets using drywall tape and a tracing wheel. They are so fun to make. You have to try it!

Step 1

I tried some different ways of coloring the tape.

Colored drywall tape for DIY tickets

The two on the left are inked. They curled, so I held them down with erasers for the photo. The next two I painted using craft paint thinned with a little water. The last one on the right I dipped in Easter egg dye. I also coffee dyed some. After they were dried, I cut them in half lengthwise to make two strips of tickets.

Step 2

Authentic ephemera ticket

Next, I made the perforations. (And they rip SO WELL!)  I decided how long I wanted each ticket and I used a ruler to run the tracing wheel against a few times. A video of the whole process is here: DIY Ticket Video

Step 3

Authentic DIY tickets

For the little tickets, I cut the drywall tape down the center lengthwise. Then I used a hole punch to punch either one full hole in the center of each perforated line, or two half circles on the edges of each perforated line.

Step 4 

 Then I decorated them.

An orange DIY ticket

This one has a painted background. I used red ink with a "ticket" stamp. Then I used blue ink with the numbers. The drywall tape was wider than the stamped image, so I trimmed it to fit. Then I perforated in between the two stamps and inked the edges.

A realistic handmade blue and yellow ticket

I made this one the same as above, except I used a scrap from another ticket (yellow) and glued that on top of the blue. I was afraid the ink wouldn't work because the yellow is higher, but it worked great!

DIY tickets for junk journals

I know most people don't have "ticket" stamps, so I made some without. They take a little longer but are more fun. These are made from coffee dyed drywall tape. Then I glued a colored background in the center of each ticket. Then I added some stickers and numbers.

DIY tickets for junk journals

These were made from the inked drywall tape. I stamped a rectangle image on each ticket. Then I collaged inside it . These tickets are about 3/4's the width of the drywall tape. I just trimmed it to fit the rectangle stamp.

I hope you got some good ideas and are inspired to give this a try. They were so fun!


 A collage of handmade tickets

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