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Hardware Store Junk Journaling Haul

I recently realized that I have a lot of junk journaling supplies that I got from hardware stores. And I got them because they were special and inexpensive. So I thought I'd share some of them with you.

junk journal supplies from the hardware store

Organizational Supplies

Hardware stores have great organizers. And they are sturdy and stackable and functional and half the price of craft organizers. Are they pretty colors? No. But I keep them in my closet and I can deal with that. Junk journal organizer

This $23 tool box will last forever. The yellow bins are removable and there is an upper deck with smaller bins.

Junk journal toolkit top

I bought two of them and they stack together like champs. I love how they keep everything organized and easily accessible. 

Crafting Supplies

Drywall tape for making tickets

Drywall tape is a crafter's dream. It has a wonderful texture and is super fun to work with. I made these authentic tickets using it. Here's a video on how I did it:

YouTube Ticket Video

strip collage

I also used drywall tape to make these strip collages. Here's a video on how I made them and how I used them. YouTube Strip Collage Video


Charms made from key tags

I used key tags I got from the hardware store to make these charms. Instructions are in this video: YouTube Charms and Dangles Video


tag made from paint sample

Of course, there's the popular paint samples available for free at hardware stores.

Junk journal cover made from kraft paper

And there are many different kinds (and sizes) of kraft paper available. I love using the heaviest kraft paper to cover my journals.

Small Tools

Junk journal supplies from the hardware store

Take a walk down all of the aisles with your mind open. You never know what you'll see. I got an awl for punching holes, a sandpaper covered sponge which is fabulous for smoothing edges and roughing up things that look too new.  The hardware caught my eye and is inspiring some creative thoughts. I know I'll make something fun using it.

So keep your eyes (and mind) open the next time you find yourself in a hardware store. Here's a video if you are interested. Hardware Store Haul Video


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