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Junk Mail Specimen Slides - Plus a Free Printable

Junk Mail Envelope Specimen Slides

 I have a ton of mangled, ripped window envelopes. I saved them because I figured that one day I'd think of something amazing to make with them, and that day has come! Check out my specimen slides! Directions and the printable are below. There's s video of the process here: Specimen Slide Video

DIY Specimen slide with butterfly

Yellow Flower DIY specimen slide

Step 1

I started with this printable, which I printed on kraft cardstock. Then I cut out the individual slides. There is a link to the free printable below. Please do not share it with anyone.

Specimen Slide Template

Free Specimen Slide Printable

Pintable on kraft cardstock

Step 2

Then I positioned the slide cut out over a window to determine if I could get one or two slides from the window. Then I glued the slide onto the envelope, making sure the window covers the whole of the center cut out. Then I trimmed the envelope away. 

Positioning frame on envelope

Back of slide

Here's what the back looks like after I glued the window on.

Step 3

Then I took my focal point (dried flowers, a sticker, a fussy cut image) and put it onto a background. 

Dried flowers on background

Step 4

Then I put the frame over the focal point to see where it looked best and glued it onto the background. Then I cut the background to the shape of the slide. 

Slide frame over flower

Step 5

Then I decorated the front of the slide with labels and/or stamps.

Window envelope specimen slide

Pink flower junk journal slide

Purple viola junk journal slide

These slides are so quick and fun to make. They make great additions to tags and journal pages. I hope you give it a try!

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  • Jodie on

    You’re welcome, Sylvia. I’m always looking for ways to use those junk mail envelopes, too.

  • Sylvia on

    This is a great idea for the loads of envelopes I’m saving. Thanks for the printable.

  • Jodie on

    You’re welcome, Linda. Thanks for the comment!

  • Linda Wills on

    I love this idea, thanks.

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