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Let's Make Stickers!

I LOVE using stickers in my journals and mixed media projects. But they are expensive and some of them come with plastic backs, which are terrible for the environment. So I tried to figure out all the ways I can make my own stickers. Here's what I came up with.DIY stickers

Make Faux Stamps

DIY stamps

Some of these stamps I designed, but some of them I got from Wikimedia Commons Public Domain. I lined them up in Photoshop (you could use Word or any other software that allows images.) Then I printed them on paper and used lickable glue on the back (recipe below). Then I cut then out using a tracing wheel and a ruler. Then I inked the edges. See the details in this video DIY Stickers

Print Images On Sticker Paper and Cut Out

Heritage Library Images for stickers

The Heritage Library is a wonderful online source for images. I got all of the above (and more!) from the site. Here is a link:  Heritage Library Images

I printed them on sticker paper and cut them out using my Cricut.

You can also put them into a Word document, or Google Docs. Size them any way you want and print them onto sticker paper. Then you can cut them out using scissors or a craft knife. Images are much easier to fussy cut if you leave a white border on the outside edge.

A third way, is to print them on regular paper, cut them out, and apply the lickable glue (recipe below) to the back. Let dry and lick to activate the glue before sticking.

DIY Stickers

 Use a Punch to Cut Images From Catalogues and Magazines

If you don't like to fussy cut images, you can use pictures from catalogues and magazines and cut them with a die or a punch. You can make the die cuts sticky with the lickable glue, or you can run them through a sticker maker. Xyron makes the sticker makers. This video gives a demo of the sticker maker: DIY Stickers Video.

Other things you can run through the sticker maker are: fussy cut images, dried flowers, stamped images, and thin rectangle images to use as borders.

If you have any questions, let me know.

**Lickable Glue Recipe**

  • 3 TBSP white vinagar
  • 1 packet plain gelatin
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1tsp white sugar

Mix all ingredients together. Microwave for 20 seconds. Brush onto the back of stickers using a paintbrush. Let dry. Lick glue to activate.

Store leftovers in refrigerator. Microwave to liquefy.


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