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Hidden Journaling Spots

A vintage junk journal spread with the caption "Hidden Journaling Spots"

I like to get a little playful with my junk journals. One way to do that is to make journaling spots that are "secret". Here are some ways I've found to add journaling spots that aren't obvious.

The Envelope Flip

A brown kraft envelope on a journaling page

This envelope opens, so you can put a folded up piece of journaling inside it. But it also is only attached to the page with a layer of sewing on the envelope flap.Envelope flipped up to reveal hidden journaling spot.

You can flip it up, revealing the hidden journaling spot on the page beneath.

Folded Page and Folded Tag Hidden Spots

Folded tag and folded page secret journaling spots

This photo is hiding two secret journaling spots. The whale tail tab is not attached, so you can flip it up to reveal the inside of the tag. Also, the side tuck spot is holding down the page, which is a flip out.

Folded tag and folded page secret spots revealed

The Belly Band Flip With Insert

Belly band flip with secret pocket

This photo also has two hidden journaling spots. The belly band is on a hinge, so it flips up so you can write underneath it. Also, it has a pocket with a hidden journaling card inside of it.

Belly band hidden journaling spots revealed

Stuffed Post Card and Page Flip Hidden Spots

Post card and page flip hidden journaling spots

The large post card above has a front and a back with a side slot that holds a journaling card. Also, the whole page is attached only on the top, so it flips up to reveal an entire journaling page underneath.

Post card and page flip spots revealed

I hope you've enjoyed these fun ideas and that it inspires you to get a little playful in your journals. If you'd like to see all the details, everything is explained in my video: Can You Find the Hidden Journaling Spots?



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