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My favorite Way to Decorate a Junk Mail Envelope

Decorated Junk Mail Envelopes

I love to use real junk in my junk journals - you know - that stuff that comes into your house and immediately gets thrown out. And the classic example of junk is the window envelope. They are pretty cool, but they aren't easy to make pretty.

The Challenges of the Window Envelope

  • First of all, many of them have writing on them. That's not pretty, so some camouflage is in order.
  • Second, the window itself is hard to decorate around. If you are trying to cover the writing with pretty paper, you have to cut around the window, which is super hard to do and make it look nice.
  • Third, most of the junk mail envelopes are sealed when you get them. So, even if you unseal them perfectly, there's still going to be a rough area under the opening where the glue has held on to bits of the paper.Freezer paper decorated junk mail envelopes

I love to use freezer paper. I print onto it, then I rub the ink onto both sides of the envelope. Then - I just wipe the ink off of the window and the envelope is perfectly covered and the window is clear.

Decorated Window envelope

Then I use stickers and other little pretties to collage a bit - covering any ugly writing.

decorated junk mail envelopesDecorated junk mail envelopes

 I made a video with all of the details, if you're interested. You can find it here: Best Way to Decorate a Junk Mail Envelope

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