Old Book Scrap Buster Project

Junk journal ephemera made with an old book page and scraps

I got to the point where I had TONS of paper scraps I was saving for my junk journal, and I figured out a great way to use them up. I glue them onto book pages while watching TV. Then, I have a whole book full of collaged backgrounds ready and waiting (and hidden and protected in a book). Here's how I do it and what I've made with the collaged pages.

ephemera made from an old book page

Step 1

Old book page with scraps collaged on

I like to add strips of another book or old music - anything neutral and printed. 

Step 2

Page with 2 kinds of neutral scraps

Then I add some plain texture. I like scraps of kraft paper or manilla file folders.

Step 3

Old book page with 3 kinds of scraps

Then I add some colored scraps - all the same colors.

Step 4

Old book page with 4 kinds of scraps glued on

Lastly, I tone it down with some scraps of tissue, tissue paper, rice paper, or old tea bags. This blends some of the joints together and gives it some more texture. I don't think too much about these steps. I just slap them together as I watch TV.

I let the pages dry and then close up the book and store them in it.

When I want to make something, I get out a page and add stickers, ephemera, and stamping. 

ephmera made from old book collages

I like to make:

Post Cards

Post card made from an old book page

To make post cards, I glue half of a book page collage onto a cardstock post card. I trim to fit, ink the edges, and then collage on the book page.

Post card made from an old book page and scraps

Tag With Hidden Journaling Spot

tag made from old book page collage

To make a tag, I fold a collaged book page and half and decorate each side.

Tag made from old book collage

Then I add a tab to the top of one side. I leave the other side unglued so I can open the tag and journal in the middle.

Mini File Folder

mini file folder made from collaged book page

To make a mini file folder, I fold a collaged book page so one side is about a half an inch shorted than the other side. I cut the bigger side into a tab so it resembles a file folder. Then I collage both sides

Mini file folder made from collaged book page

Let me know if you have any questions. Here's a video with lots of info, too:  Old Book Scrapbuster Video

ephemera made from old book pages



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