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Easy Ruffle Projects for Junk Journals (No Sewing Machine Needed)

As a seamstress, I know a lot of tricks for working with fabric, and a great trick is this simple ways to make ruffles. Here's a video of the whole process, if you'd like to see it done.  Ruffle Video

Step 1 

un ruffled fabric next to ruffled fabric

Cut a piece of fabric about an inch wide by as long as you want. The finished ruffle will be less than half the length of the original piece, so plan accordingly.

Step 2 (Using Machine)

a single row of stitching down the center of a strip of fabric

If you are using a sewing machine, set the machine so it makes the longest possible stitches. Without locking the stitches by sewing back and forth, sew a line down the middle of the strip lengthwise.

Step 3 (Using Machine)

Pulling the bobbin thread to make a ruffle

Find the bobbin thread (it's on the back of the fabric) and gently pull it to start the ruffle. If it doesn't pull easily, try the other thread. Keep pulling, adjusting ruffle downwards, until you have ruffled about half of the strip. Tie the two threads into a knot to secure. Go to the other end, find the bobbin, and repeat. Once the whole strip is ruffled, adjust it to the length you want it and tie the other end off to secure.

Step 2 (No Machine)

Making a ruffle with a needle and thread

It's just as easy to make a ruffle with just a needle and thread. Knot the thread on the end and sew down the center of the strip lengthwise. The stiches can be 1/4 - 1/2 inch long, and uneven is fine. Once you get to the other end, pull the fabric down the thread to create a ruffle. Adjust the ruffle of the fabric so it is the length you want and then tie off the thread to secure.

Ruffle Medallion

Ruffle medallion

You can also use this same technique to make a ruffled medallion or flower.

 Making a ruffle flower

Instead of sewing down the center, sew down one edge of the strip of fabric. When you ruffle it, it will form a circle.

Junk Journal Spread With Ruffles

Have fun and let me know if you have any questions.

Ruffle at the top of Junk journal page





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  • Jodie on

    You are quite welcome, Ronlyn. Thank you for your kind comments. I’m so glad you are finding inspiration. Have fun!

  • Ronlyn on

    You have such great ideas and very helpful I instructions. I am 😊 so happy to have found your blog and you tube channel! I am new to junk journals so, thank you for the inspiration!

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