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DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards and Holiday Gift Tags Using Tickets

Holiday gift tag and place cards using DIY tickets

This article will teach you how to make easy, yet stunning, holiday place cards and gift tags using one special ingredient: DIY tickets.

These tickets feel just like real tickets because I use drywall tape from the hardware store (paint department).

drywall tape

And I use a tracing wheel from my sewing kit.

sewing tracing wheel

I know these aren't common things most crafters use, but they make all the difference, I promise!

Step 1 - Color Drywall Tape

dyed drywall tape

 I don't like the bright white background, so I usually dye the drywall tape to start. The photo above shows inking, painting with watered down acrylic paint, and dying with Easter egg dye tablets. For this project, I just coffee dyed them.

Step 2 - Form the Tickets

After the drywall tape dried, I cut it in half lengthwise to make two strips of tickets. Next, I made the perforations. (And they rip SO WELL!)  I decided how long I wanted each ticket and I used a ruler to run the tracing wheel against it a few times.

making ticket holes with a hole punch

Then I used a hole punch to make circles or semi circles. A video of the whole process is here: DIY Ticket Video.

Step 3 - Decorate the Tickets

DIY ticket ephemera

For all of the tickets, my first decorating step was to cut a strip of paper a little thinner and shorter than the tickets and attach it in the center of the ticket  as a background. Then I used a sticker, a number, and a rub on element. I used those four elements to make each of the tickets above. 

I oriented some of the tickets horizontally and some vertically. I didn't have anything fall themed other than pumpkin stickers, so I used fall colors. That gave me the effect I wanted.

I used a brad to attach these fall tickets to kraft cardstock place cards for Thanksgiving dinner.

Christmas gift tags using DIY tickets

 I used the same formula for my Christmas tickets: A background strip of paper, a sticker, a number and a rub on element. Here's a link to the Tim Holtz Specimen Remnant Rubs I used: Specimen Rub-Ons

I glued the tickets to a background, then I attached them to partially decorated tags to make quick yet beautiful Christmas Gift Card Tags.

I'm so excited to use these gift tags this holiday season. I hope you feel inspired to make some. Here's a video if you want to see more:  Holiday Ticket Projects

Let me know if you have any questions.

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