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Using Junk in Your Junk Journal

I've been on a quest to use real junk in my junk journal. There are so many possibilities that I could never cover everything at once, so this will be an ongoing project that I will add to as I have more ideas. Here is my first video on the subject: Using Junk in Your Junk Journal

Tissue Box

Junk journal made from a tissue box

I made this small journal from an empty tissue box. The front, spine and back were all cut from one box and covered with pretty paper. The rather thin cardboard is fine for a journal this small.

The "frame" is made from the hole in the tissue box. I covered it with bunched up tea bags to give it texture  and painted and gilded it.

Gilded frame made from a tissue box

This frame is also made from a tissue box hole. I teach about the gilding technique in this video: Faux Metal Technique

Grocery Store Circular

Faux postage stamps made from grocery store circular

I made these "faux stamps" using an old book page, a grocery store circular, some stickers and some stamps.

Paper Bag

Drug Store paper bag as a pocket

This pocket was made from a drug store prescription bag that has pleats in the side. The pleats make it very roomy to store lots of goodies. I got 3 pockets from one bag.



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