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The Ultimate Belly Band

I've been working on belly bands this week and I found some fun ideas. I think I even made up a new idea of my own: "The Belly Band Flip".

A junk journal belly band flip

I wanted to make a belly band that was removable, so you can journal on the whole page. So I hinged the top and put a closure on the bottom. Here's my video about it if you are interested: Belly Band Flip

A junk journal belly band with a hinge on the top so you can flip it up.

I learned about belly bands with a pocket in them from E at "Scrapbooking With Me" on YouTube. Here's a link to her video:  Belly Band With Pocket  and Jane from Inky Owl Studios taught me about belly bands using a window envelope. Her video is here: Window Envelope Belly Band 

I combined their ideas with my flip and got this.

Window envelope belly band with a pocket

The pocket holds a removable journaling card. The closure is a circle with a hole in it and a diamond glued on top. You could also use turn mounts. Here is a link to purchase them. Turn Mounts

Journaling card in belly band

And the belly band flips so you can write on the whole page. Belly Band Flip

I made this belly band flip from a fragile old magazine page that I folded a bunch of times and sewed. Then I stamp embossed it.

A Flip Belly Band

Here it is stuffed with journaling cards.

Belly Band Flip with journaling cards inserted

And here it is flipped up.

Junk journal page with a flippable belly band

Lastly, from Tiffany at Bluebird Lane Creations, I got the idea to make a belly band out of circles. Here is a link to her video: Circles Belly Band  Of course, I had to add the flip.

A belly band made from circles

I hope you got some good ideas from this post. Let me know what you come up with.

 As an Amazon affiliate, I might earn a commission if you purchase from one of my links. You will not be charged extra.

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