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Tips For Using Fragile Old Papers in Your Junk Journal

An old Life Magazine from 1963 and some things made out of it.

I have some wonderful old magazine and book pages that I want to use in my junk journals. But some of them are so fragile, they'd fall apart if I put them in as is.

I've come up with some ways to make good use of these gems. Here are some of my ideas.

Make Stickers

Retro DIY stickers from an old magazine page

Small images from old magazines make wonderful stickers. And, once the images have been turned into stickers, they are super sturdy. Here's a link to the inexpensive (and amazing) sticker maker I use. Xyron Sticker Maker

Make a Masterboard

Junk journal masterboard made from an old magazine

A masterboard is just a collage that you make and cut up and decorate into journaling cards, tags, etc. Once the fragile papers are collaged onto several layers of paper, they are sturdier. The image on the left is a masterboard. The 3 items on the right are things I made from the masterboard.

Tags and journaling cards made from a masterboard

Journaling Cards, Tag, and Flip Down Journaling Spot Made From a Masterboard.

Make a Belly Band

Belly Band made from fragile papers

If you take a fragile page and fold it several times and then sew around the edges, it becomes sturdy enough to work with. You can then decorate that and use it as a belly band.

Stuffed Bally Band

Belly Band Holding Journaling Cards 

Glue Fragile Papers to Sturdier Paper

Retro collage in mostly red using vintage magazine

I love this old Coke ad and wanted to use it as a page in my journal. But it was so fragile, it would have ripped right out had I sewn it in a signature. So I used a sturdy piece of paper in the signature and just glued the ad onto that page. I used rubber cement and the page didn't wrinkle at all. 

I hope that gives you a few new ideas and gets you excited about using some delicious old papers in your work. Here's quick video if you are interested. Video on Using Fragile Pages 

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