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Faux Metallic Junk Journal Accents

I've been having fun decorating my junk journal and scrapbooking projects with faux metal accents. This easy, 4 step process gives pretty incredible results. Try it on cardstock frames that you can use to accent your junk journal pages. Links to the gold foil sheets and the patina paste I used are below.

Junk Journal faux brass accentsJunk Journal Faux Metal Finish Supplies


  • Patina Effect Paste in blue, mint green, and brass (Note: I bet you could replicate these with white modeling paste and some ink or paint)
  • Sheets of Gold Leaf
  • glue
  • paintbrush
  • Items to finish - cardstock frames, gears, etc.

Step One

Junk Journal Faux Metal Finish step 1

I like to cut the foil into strips for easy handling. Apply a thin coat of glue to the item you want to finish. Use the paintbrush to spread it evenly. Apply the foil to the glue. Lumps and creases make it look good. You don't have to cover every bit of the object.

Step Two

Faux metal Finish step 2 - apply blue patina paste

Cover the side edges and any spots you missed in step one with the blue patina paste. 

Step Three

Junk journal faux metal finish step 3

Using the mint patina paste, artfully cover some of the blue patina paste and some of the foil.

Step Four

Faux Metal Finish - Brass Patina paste

Use the brass patina paste sparingly, being sure not to cover all of the blue, mint, or foil. Let dry before using.

Step Five

Have Fun! The "label holder" below (made of cardstock & the faux finish and brads) has a thin strip of glue on the bottom and sides so it can hold the removable label in my junk journal.

 Faux metallic label holder

Faux metallic label holder close

This "metal frame" was made from the opening in a tissue box. I explain how I got the shape in this video: Using Junk in Your Junk Journal

Fake metal frame

This is the cover of one of my junk journals. The frame and the gears look amazing in real life.

Junk journal cover with faux metallic accents

Close up of faux metal accent

Metallic gears for junk journal

Here is a video of the process.  Faux Metallic Finish Video

Here are links to the two main items I used in this craft.

Patina Effect Paste

 Gold Foil Sheets

As an Amazon affiliate, I could earn a small commission if you use one of these links. You will not be charged any extra fees, however.

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