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Why Would Anyone Use a Rolodex? Part 1

Why would anyone use a Rolodex? This is the question I get asked most often. I know, I know: Rolodex is the dinosaur of the office supply world. The only thing less useful than a Rolodex is an abacus. I get it.

But I couldn't live without mine, and I've learned I'm not the only one. So in the next few blog posts, we're going to discuss how all different kinds of people use their Rolodex. I'll go first since I am the only one here.

I keep all of my internet passwords on our password Rollie cards. Colorful Rolodex refill password organization

Whenever I log on to a new website, I grab a fresh card and fill it out. If they ask a bunch of security questions, I note them on the back. Then I file the card in my Rolodex under the appropriate letter. In the twenty years I've been doing this, I have never once experienced a moment of frustration trying to log in. Rolodex as password log - use number one.

pretty Rolodex cards and dividers

As an aside, I also like to decorate my cards and dividers. I know it's not for everyone, but I enjoy the little bite sized bits of creativity. These started out as our White Rolodex Dividers. 

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